Oncology & life limiting illness massage helps sufferers relax and improve quality of life. Treatment is available to those in remission, those where cancer or other illness has returned and those who currently have cancer or other illness for the first time.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps move lymph fluid around the body for better health. Unlike other forms of massage, it is extremely light and relaxing with gentle movements.

Pregnancy massage helps reduce muscle tension, aching and pain and can aid sleep. It helps increase blood and lymph circulation and can help reduce swelling, insomnia and anxiety.

Baby/child massage helps babies and children relax mentally and physically, reduces colic and anxiety and aids sleep. It helps parent child bonding. Carer tuition is available upon request.

Sport & Remedial massage allows shortened muscles to return to their original shape, relieves aching and pain, helps reduce scar tissue and new scar tissue formation, and aids injury recovery.

Deep Tissue massage works on deep muscles to help reduce deep seated musculo-skeletal stress, aching, postural issues and chronic pain build up.

Neuromuscular techniques aid deep tissue, sport & remedial massage forms. They include trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilisation & myofascial release to help release & strengthen muscles, break down scar tissue & reduce pain & aching.

Scar tissue reduction technique is used alongside massage or as a stand alone technique. It helps reduce adhesions (lumps/scarring) if regular work is done on the area.

Swedish superficial muscle massage promotes physical relaxation, releases mental and muscle tension and reduces superficial musculo-skeletal stress. It can aid sleep, facilitate deep breathing and help calm the mind and body.

Indian Head massage is a head and/or shoulder massage that helps reduce mental tension and physical stress. It is performed dry with clothes on, or, with oil after upper body clothing is removed.

Benefits: Many, but not limited to, toning skin and muscle, reducing tension, pain and stress, increasing circulation, joint flexibility and mobility, deeper breathing  so better oxygen intake, improved immune system functioning and deeper relaxation.

A medical health consultation is completed for your safety, with ALL 1st appointments. It is included within treatment time. Updates are carried out at other appointments.

Prices 30mins £22   45mins £27   60mins £32. Longer treatment times can be booked, please call to discuss