Armed Forces

British Veterans Recognition cardBritish Veterans Recognition card

If you are a member (present and past) of the armed forces, please click on the left picture above for more information about the recognition card. Click on the right picture to find out about the FHT treatment offer.  Should Your Holistic Therapist prices ever increase above £30 per hour, armed forces personnel will only be charged £30 per hour. All personnel are required to show their recognition card at the start of the appointment.

Reflexology is available as a treatment should you wish to try this.

Massage is available in a variety of forms, whether for physical or mental relaxation, or for a reduction in physical problems such as musculo-skeletal stress, pain or mobility and flexibility issues.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used alongside an individuals chosen massage (subject to medical background)

Benefits: Treatments increase lymphatic drainage and immune system functioning, they increase blood and nutrients to muscles, and removes waste products from the body. They can reduce anxiety and depression, calm or stimulate the nervous system and facilitate deeper breathing and relaxation. Massage helps break down scar tissue, stretch shortened muscles and improve skin and muscle tone. It also helps to significantly reduce physical tension, pain and stress, increases the circulation, flexibility and joint mobility.