Heart issues, high cholesterol & low magnesium

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Read on to find out more about high cholesterol & low magnesium levels affecting the heart & what NOT to do as well as what to do


How to help your lymphatic (sewerage) system work better for you

Lymph system

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Lymphatic vessels are like veins, they have back flow valves but no pumping action of their own to move the lymph fluid around. They rely on muscle contractions around them to help move fluid in deep lymph vessels &  slight pressure just under the skin to help movement with superficial lymph.  You can help your lymphatic system to become more efficient by doing the following things on a daily basis

  1. Rebound on a trampoline or mini trampet on a daily basis
  2. Dry brush the skin back towards the heart
  3. Walking & other exercise
  4. Have manual lymphatic drainage massage
  5. Deep breathing
  6. using hot & cold showering
  7. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins
  8. Avoid sugar, processed foods & chemicals in your diet & body/mouth/face products
  9. Sweat to allow the skin to get rid of some toxins, so, don’t use anti-perspirants
  10. Avoid tight clothing that cuts & pinches the body thus stops the lymph fluid from moving
  11. Drink pure water with organic lemons, regularly throughout the day
  12. Eat raw organic vegetables on a daily basis
  13. Use pure essential oil of ginger, orange & lemon on the skin in your body cream, to help stimulate the lymph system

Natural ways to stop onychomycosis (fungal nail infection)

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Natural antibiotics to help with our antibiotic crisis


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Thyroid health

Thyroid gland

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Lymphatic stimulation to detox your body

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Guillain Barr Syndrome & massage

Guillain Barr Syndrome causes an auto-immune attack on the human Central Nervous System which in some cases can literally be life threatening. Click on the link below for a very basic idea of how massage can help someone with this extremely painful, devastating & extremely debilitating illness.

CNS pic

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If you use artificial sweeteners, click on & read the link below urgently

Overtraining can decrease immunity taxing the adrenal glands

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